• Trails offers a unique and uplifting experience to every person, be it Corporate Professionals, Family Groups, Youth or Children

  • Corporate Professionals

    While they cannot afford to travel too far due to the restrictions posed by their ever-hectic schedule, serenity is still within proximity. Trails has a verdant environment just structured to invigorate you.

    Bosses find it alluring too as they can sneak in Out Bound Training programmes even as their personnel wallow in the lap of nature. Specially designed activities are offered for various levels of professionals. 'Learning' by 'Doing' removes mental reservations and 'could-I-do-it attitudes'. It fosters confidence in one’s competence: “Hey I can achieve it!”

    For companies, that’s surely time productively spent. Amongst other programmes, our Out Bound Training Wing has specially designed team-building activities that foster team-unity and sharing responsibility toward achieving the set goals. Weaknesses are complemented by strengths of team mates ensuring tasks get accomplished!

    We welcome HR trainers to also utilize our space and resources to conduct their workshops. Trails also has its team of trainers/educators to guide you during your activities of introspection-cum-adventure.

  • Family Groups

    Your loved ones need to spend some quality time with you. But you are hard-pressed to provide the same. Trails can help you fill that gap.

    It provides the space and ambience that enables you to bond with your family. Watching the sun or moon come up or go down, cosying up by the camp fire over some chai and hot pakoras rather than mindlessly watching TV is something we all need.

  • Youth

    While pub hopping is fun and coffee bars are great hangouts, Trails provides a compelling atmosphere, be it for hanging out, for reflection or adventure.

  • Children

    Video games, frozen food, readymade juices, air conditioned homes, reality shows and oodles of home-work… Children and teens barely find the time or reason to step outdoors. Not that there are many oppurtunities in the concrete jungle anyways! They might grow up believing that cheese slices are a product of your nearest supermarket!!!

    Outdoor education aims to counter such over protection and isolation from our ecology.

    The awe that nature provides to most urban-bred children has to be seen to be believed.

    Trails strongly believes these future leaders need to be one with nature.

    A low ecological footprint, self-sufficiency, sustainability, recycling are our guiding principles…